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What to look for when shopping for a watch Since their advent, watches have remained more or less the same — a device you wear on your wrist to keep track of the time — but in recent years we’ve seen smartwatches explode onto the scene. While you can still buy plenty of luxury watches from well-established manufacturers like Rolex and Titan, the Apple Watch and Samsung Gear have popularised a new way to wear our technology and, along with fitness trackers, have championed the field of ‘wearables’. Depending on what you’re after, you could be spending anywhere from a few dollars to a few thousand, so if you’re after a dress watch then you’ll be looking at some seriously luxurious prices, but some of the lesser known brands will still produce reliable and stylish products but you won’t be paying for the brand’s history. When shopping for the Apple Watches, be sure to check which watch series it is because they will differ in both price and features.