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Laser AO-HEAD Head Phones



Laser AO-HEAD Head Phones

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Put down the phone and start making voice calls over the internet with this incredible Laser Hi-Fi Stereo Headset. It's designed to be comfortable and easy to use, with an accurate unidirectional microphone and a high quality stereo headset for optimal sound quality and clarity. This headset has been designed to fit comfortably without causing any pain or irritation. It features an adjustable headband and an adjustable, contoured ear-piece for additional comfort. It's perfect for VoIP or other internet voice chatting services. Thanks to the unidirectional microphone built into this headset, you can be heard clearly and accurately every time you use it. The innovative design allows only one direction of input for the sound, so it reduces background noise and improves accuracy. The microphone is also moveable for your convenience. The powerful headphones of this device produce high quality and accurate sound, perfect for voice calls or for enjoying your favourite multimedia. They have a power handling capacity of 80mVC with a sensitivity of 108dB SP.L at 1kHz.

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