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  • XSeed Story of Seasons Nintendo 3DS Games

    Developed by the veteran team behind the fan-favorite Harvest Moon series and headed by longtime lead producer, Yoshifumi Hashimoto, Story of Seasons represents a new beginning for the beloved farming RPG franchise. Story of Seasons carries on the iconic life simulation gameplay made famous through…

  • Electronic Arts The Sims 3 Nintendo 3DS Games

    For the first time ever, enjoy a complete life simulation experience in 3D on handheld with The Sims 3 for the Nintendo 3DS. From the creators of the worlds most popular life simulator franchise, The Sims 3 is now maximized for a fully 3D world. Create Sims, the characters unique to The Sims…

  • Marvelous Story Of Seasons Trio Of Towns Nintendo 3DS Game

    As a new season begins, a new adventure awaits. Grow and expand a farm all your own, discover three unique towns and make new friends in Story of Seasons Trio of Towns for Nintendo 3DS family systems. Your Farm Get a fresh start in the countryside, as you transform a humble homestead into a…

  • Nintendo Nintendogs and Cats Toy Poodle and New Friends Nintendo 3DS Game

    The adorable puppies of Nintendogs come to life in the palm of your hand on the Nintendo 3DS system with even cuter and more expressive puppies -- and kittens! The interaction between puppy and player also goes beyond the screens to draw players in like never before. Features: - Nintendogs uses…

  • Namco Ace Combat Assault Horizon Legacy 3D Nintendo 3DS Games

    The critically acclaimed aerial combat series flies onto the Nintendo 3DS! Ace Combat Assault Horizon Legacy delivers supersonic flying, exciting dogfights and high-altitude acrobatics all in 3D for the first time! With touchscreen targeting and added control mechanics, players take full command of…


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