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Sega Worms Forts Under Siege



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With destruction and mayhem the likes of which have never been seen in a Worms game before, step up and experience the dawning of a new age in Worms: Forts Under Siege! Travel through four ancient eras and encounter Worms-style Egyptian tribes, Greco-Roman sieges, sneaky Samurai, and King Arthur's Medieval Knights. Take command of up to four fort-dwelling worms and quickly build impenetrable fortifications using 30 different weapons and multiple upgrades. Build huge fortifications to defend against your opponents and enjoy tons of customizations, utilize several brand new items, explore original environments, and unlock multiple fort styles. Also available for Microsoft's Xbox. Features: - Hot seat play for up to four players on one console simultaneously; - Familiar gameplay mechanics and design of the popular Worms series; - Massive weapons and massive destruction, including catapults, cannons, giant crossbows, bows and arrows, rocket launchers, air strikes, napalm... even nuclear strikes; - For the first time in the history of the series, players can build their own castle, including towers, walls, citadels and keeps. Each building will offer unique special powers and weapons, and poor choices may leave players lagging in the arms race. - Fully-deformable 3D fortifications that crumble before players' eyes; - Travel the world and through time by taking on the historically-set single player missions, from ancient Egypt to Medieval Europe of King Arthur; - Turn-based strategy gameplay, challenging players to beat the clock by constructing castle walls and fortifications, taking aim and firing and choosing their battle plan as the seconds tick away; - Unlockable features as missions are completed, including new weapons, challenges, multiplayer maps and game modes, environments and fort styles.

Type Game Strategy