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Prada Women's Perfume 2-2.9 oz (57-86ml) priced

  • Prada Candy Gloss 80ml EDT Women's Perfume

    Sparkling and intensely joyful Candy Gloss is a sensual sorbet, sweet as acid cherry and solar as the orange blossom. A fruity bouquet with hints of rose and musk. Prada Candy Gloss comes out in the spring of 2017 as the fifth fragrance of the playful gourmand collection Prada Candy. The focus is…

  • Prada Candy 80ml EDP Women's Perfume

    Prada Candy is a new fragrance by Prada to be launched in August 2011. The composition includes an elegant mix of musks in the top, a sensual balsamic vanillic accord of benzoin in the heart and sweet modern caramel in the base of the fragrance.

    $149.25 - $185
  • Prada Candy Gloss 80ml EDP Women's Perfume

    Prada Candy Gloss comes out in the spring of 2017 as the fifth fragrance of the playful gourmand collection Prada Candy. The focus is on the sour sweet cherry flavor in the top of the composition, toned down with orange blossom in the heart, after which the gourmand base of almond, vanilla and musk…

  • Prada Candy Kiss 80ml EDP Women's Perfume

    Prada Candy Kiss lingers on the skin like an addictive olfactory tune. An overdose of Musks, like a scent of white cotton wrapped up with voluptuous Orange Blossom and suave Vanilla. An oriental vanilla fragrance for modern women Sweet, warm, powdery & enchanting. Top note of musks Middle…

    $91.25 - $152.25
  • Prada Candy Florale 80ml Eau De Toilette Women's Perfume

    Prada's Latest Fragrance Evolved From The Concept Of An Imaginary Flower Created Especially For Candy With Citrus Top Notes That Give Way To Peony Based Heart And Rich Caramel And Musk Base.- Top Notes Of Citrus- Heart Notes Of Peony- Base Notes Of Caramel And Musk- Style: Sweet. Delicate.…

    $86.91 - $162

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Whether you're classy or edgy, prefer the subtle notes of flowers in bloom or the high-spirited fruity scents, there's a fragrance for you. Perfumes even make an excellent gift. The ancient Egyptians began using perfumes and we have continued that to this day. Fragrances can be inspired from anything — from Burberry's trench coat to the scents that capture seasons or a garden. When selecting a perfume, look for the 'notes' — top notes are smells perceived immediately, middle or heart notes mask the initial impression of the base note (which can be unpleasant at first, then become more pleasant) and the base notes, which appear after the top and middle notes have dissipated. Perfumes even come in various dilutions — parfum or extrait, esprit de parfum, eau de parfum, eau de toilette and eau de cologne, in decreasing dilution.