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Philips Head Phones Ear Bud

  • Philips SHE4305 Headphones

    Enjoy your music wherever you are thanks to the Philips SHE4305BK Bass In Ear Headphone. Utilising a 12.2mm driver, it lets you listen to your favourite music with rich detail and deep, punchy bass. The Philips SHE4305BK Bass In-Ear Headphone employs a passive noise isolation…

    $29.95 - $30
  • Philips SHE3010 Headphones

    Earbud comfort Large speakers for extra bass With 15mm speakers, these earbud headphones are valued for the bass sound. Ergonomics design with slim rubberized caps for long hours of comfort listening. Music to your ears 15mm speaker driver optimizes wearing comfort Bass beat vents allow air…

    $17 - $69.29
  • Philips SHB4205 Headphones

    Philips SHB4205 head phone innovative bass tubes in the earbud increase air flow to deliver deep, rich bass. High power 12.2 mm drivers are tuned to reproduce clear, crisp sound. The easy to use remote control allows you to play or pause tracks and answer calls with a simple push of a button. Super…

    $49 - $68.85
  • Philips SHE3595 Headphones

    Featuring an ultra slim design and integrated microphone, these Philips In-Ear Headphones makes listening to music and answering calls seamless. Features 3 interchangeable rubber ear cap sizes Integrated microphone and call button Fit comfortably in ears to block out external noise 1.2m cable…

  • Philips SHE8005 Head Phone

    Turbo bass air vents Angled Acoustic Pipe channels Exceptional noise isolation Durable Flexi-Grip Anti-tangle slider Ultra-soft silicon caps Sensitive and sleek In-line remote 1.2m long cable Sound Acoustic system: Closed Diaphragm: Mylar dome Frequency response: 10 - 23 500…

  • Philips SHX10 Headphones

    The Philips In-Ear LED Headphones not only let you hear the bass; they let you see it too. With 3 sizes of ear caps, ensure you have ultimate listening comfort with every beat. A range of powerful LED lights sync to your music allowing you to, for the first time ever,…

  • Philips SHB5250 Headphones

    Ideal for any type of exercise, these headphones are comfortably fitted whilst delivering big sound. The Philips MyJam FreshTones Bluetooth In-Ear Headphones are designed for wireless freedom on the go! Featuring 14.2mm drivers for big bass and an optimal fit, they have been designed around ear…

    $69 - $69
  • Philips SHE4205 Headphones

    The Philips SHE4205 earphone is super slim and incredibly light. Durable cable with strain relief. Iconic design with fresh, modern high gloss accents remote control for handsfree calls and music bass tube for rich bass high power 12.2 mm drivers are tuned to reproduce clear, crisp sound.…

    $34.95 - $34.95
  • Philips SHE3705 Headphones

    Featuring oval sound tubes for extra comfort, these Philips In-Ear Gel Headphones deliver big bass and clear sound quality through efficient drivers. Features Built-in mic switches from music to phone calls 3 interchangeable rubber ear cap sizes High-quality gloss coating – adds protective…

    $23 - $23
  • Philips ActionFit SHQ2405 Headphones

    These Philips ActionFit SHQ2405 Headphones have a stability ring on the housing to ensure a snug fit so they won't fall out while you're on the go. They are durable and have an IPX4 rating making them perfect for use outdoors or during your next workout. The cable is reinforced with Kevlar…

    $38 - $38
  • Philips SHE3855 Headphones

    The stylish Chromz GJH SHE3855 Philips Headphones provides great comfort while delivering punchy bass as your immerse yourself with your music with a metalized, matt colour coating, the GJH Philips Headphones is a perfect match with mobile phones  interchangeable rubber ear cups for a…

    $27 - $27
  • Philips SHE3590 Headphones

    Dynamic bass. Compact earphones with soft caps. The ultra small in-ear design with soft caps for comfort and compact fit. With small efficient speakers for dynamic bass and clear sound. Small efficient speakers reproduce precise sound with bass Perfect in-ear seal blocks out external noise…

  • Philips SHE3900 Headphones

    Rich bass Your music sounds better with oval sound tube Premium in-ear headphones feature great bass, comfort and looks. Efficient speaker drivers give powerful sound. Oval tube inserts come with 3 ear cap sizes for optimal fit and deep bass. Vacuum metallized housings look sleek and classy.…

  • Philips SHQ1200 Headphones

    The featherweight SHQ1200 is your perfect gym workout and running companion. Sweat and rain resistant, the sturdy headphones guarantee powerful bass and optimal fit, thanks to a trio of ear caps to choose from. Features: - Anti-slip rubber ear caps keep the headphone in - always - 3 choices of ear…

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What you should consider when making your next headphone purchase Given the popularity of smart devices, the potential for a pocket full of music is more realised than ever, but to get the most out of this, you’re going to want to pick up some decent headphones. A lot of headphones, whether they’re in-ear or over-ear, will come with an inline remote that sits along the cabling in order to help you control your music playback, phone calls and volumes. These will also often contain microphones so you can answer calls without removing your headphones, although you’ll have to be sure whether the model you’re after is compatible with iPhone or Android, as some manufacturers produce separate versions for each of the major phone brands. As smartphones have progressed to the point where many are opting to remove their headphone jack, it’s also sensible to consider wireless (aka, bluetooth) headphones which have improved significantly in recent years, and somehow keep dropping in price. Some manufacturers, such as Sony and Bose, offer active noise-cancelling headphones which are ideal for the frequent flier and public transit commuter.