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Panasonic Washing Machines

  • Panasonic NA 148VG4WAU Washing Machine

    Enjoy the great quality of this Panasonic laundry machine. This is a front-load washer, allowing you to stack your machines if you have limited space. The 8 kg drum capacity will be perfect for every busy family. This washer has a quick wash function and features a steaming program, so you won't…

  • Panasonic NA120VG6 Washing Machine

    The perfect choice for a cleaner and easier laundry sorting. The Panasonic NA-120VG6 10kg Front Load Washing Machine is not only fast but also takes the lead when it comes to hygiene. Active Speed Wash realizes speedy wash and superb wash result. Highly concentrated foam penetrates deep…

  • Panasonic NA FS85G3WAU Washing Machine

    Enjoy the quality name of this Panasonic laundry machine. This washer features a top opening. The 8.5 kg drum is perfect for large families. This 8-program washing machine has a child-proof lock, so it prevents children from altering the programmed settings. This water-saving washer features an…

  • Panasonic NA FS95G3WAU Washing Machine

    Stimulate your cleaning with Panasonic, a leading name in home appliances. This washing machine features a front opening. The 9.5 kg drum is ideal for big loads. It uses 8 different washing programs and features a child-proof lock. This allows for cleaning your clothes and knowing that the washing…


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What to look out for when shopping for a new washing machine When buying a washing machine, there are LOADS (sorry) of factors you should consider in order to get the best machine for your situation. Variables such as tub size and cycle options make a big impact on the amount and type of washing you can do, while options such as top loader or front loader and overall noise produced will affect where you can actually put your machine. You can buy some of the more premium brands, such as Bosch and LG from retailers like Harvey Norman and these should have an overall longer product life and come with a wider variety of dedicated features. However, if you don’t plan on keeping your machine for too long or won’t use it extensively, then there are plenty of budget alternatives that will get the job done for less, although it’s worth comparing these prices to any specials or sales that the more premium brands may have.