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Olympus Stylus TG Tracker



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The Olympus Stylus TG-Tracker 4K Action Cam: the new-generation action camera for adventure and sport life-logging. Not just video. The TG-Tracker is the latest member of the popular Olympus Tough family of ruggedised compact cameras. It introduces a new way to re-live adventure experiences by combining video with positional and environmental data logs. The Field Sensor System simultaneously records GPS, compass, barometer (altitude/depth), accelerometer and thermometer data to provide an enhanced movie-plus-data playback* experience in Full HD resolution on your smartphone or tablet. The TG-Tracker can also be used as a pure data recorder in its log-only mode. With an extreme-wide angle lens that has an impressive 204-degree diagonal viewing, the TG-Tracker helps you capture high-definition movies that are vividly immersive. The immense wide angle coverage of this lens enhances the realism of your POV recordings, showing you details that other action cameras may miss. Used airborne, on land or in the ocean, the TG-Tracker is a camera truly designed for the rugged outdoors. It is shockproof withstands drops of up to 2.1m, crush-proof to 100 kgf, freeze-proof to -10 degrees Celsius, and water- proof to a depth of 30m without the need for an accessory housing. The new TG-Tracker is equipped with an Underwater Detector that activates automatic optimisation of white balance and camera settings when the camera is used at a water-depth of 0.5m or deeper. For extended outdoor operation, it uses a replaceable slim Li-ion battery that can be easily exchanged in the field.

Type Digital
LCD Panel Size Inch 1.5
Memory Type SDHC, SD, SDXC
Audio Format Stereo
Output Interfaces A/V, USB, HDMI