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Natsume Harvest Moon Tree of Tranquility



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You have moved to an island town that was once enchanted ... however it has been years since the mystical Mother Tree has shown any signs of life and the Harvest Goddess has vanished. The island has lost its connection with nature and the inhabitants don't know what to do. It is up to you to save the island! In Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility, players find themselves in a troubled island town which once prospered with life and energy, but is now in serious trouble. You must help to rebuild the island by tending to the earth, befriending and raising animals, nurturing friendships, and creating a family. Long-time Harvest Moon fans as well as new players will find an exciting, involving storyline and plenty of activities including cultivating crops, caring for animals, and participating in festivals. All-new controls for the Nintendo Wii Remote give players the chance to feel like they're really farming! Features: - Interactive farming with the Nintendo Wii Remote! - Play as a boy or a girl! - Work part-time jobs! - Loads of crops, animals, events and mini-games! - The deepest and biggest Harvest Moon to date!

Type Game Role Playing