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Nintendo DS Games Music

  • Disney High School Musical 3 Senior Year Nintendo DS Game

    A unique rhythm-based dance game, High School Musical 3: Senior Year for Nintendo DS also allows players to experience the music, scenes and characters from the "High School Musical 3: Senior Year" film. Players take on the role of the main characters to play along to the rhythm of songs from…

    $6.17 - $12
  • Disney High School Musical Makin The Cut Nintendo DS Game

    Fans of all ages can extend their love for High School Musical with the karaoke game High School Musical: Makin' the Cut! Players will travel across America as they compete in the ultimate musical competition. Playing as any of the six High School Musical stars (or their own customized character),…

    $11.88 - $24
  • Electronic Arts Boogie Nintendo DS Game

    Boogie is a unique music/rhythm-based game that takes advantage of the unique controls of the DS system to put gamers in control of the beat. Boogie on Nintendo DS introduces new gameplay modes and mini-games not found in the Wii version for easy gaming on the go. The game’s unique modes…

    $8 - $21.12
  • Disney Hannah Montana Music Jam Nintendo DS Game

    In Hannah Montana: Music Jam on the Nintendo DS, girls are transported into the exciting and sometimes crazy world of Miley Stewart and her alter ego Hannah Montana. Playing as both characters, kids practice their musical talents, coordinate high fashions and live out their dreams of becoming a pop…

    $26 - $100.54
  • Buena Vista High School Musical 2 Work This Out Nintendo DS Game

    High School Musical 2: Work This Out is the new musical adventure game that allows fans to play as Troy, Gabriella, Ryan, Sharpay, Chad and Taylor in brand new storylines extending beyond the "High School Musical 2" movie sequel. The game features all 10 songs from "High School Musical 2" and…

  • Disney Hannah Montana Nintendo DS Game

    In Disney's Hannah Montana, thirteen-year-old Miley Stewart lives a double life as girl-next-door and pop sensation -- and someone is threatening to reveal Miley's secret! Playing as Miley, gamers must use spy skills and gadgetry to investigate their school, the boardwalk, stadium and beach to…

  • Ubisoft Jam Sessions Nintendo DS Game

    A guitar-playing Nintendo DS game.The Nintendo DS touch screen represents a guitar's strings and the D-pad / buttons become the fingered chords. By "strumming" on the virtual strings you'll play the chord that you've selected on the D-pad. The tool recognizes both up and down strums at half and…

  • Disney Ultimate Band Nintendo DS Game

    Ultimate Band for Nintendo DS is a rhythm-based music game with a built-in recording studio. Players can jam to current and classic songs using the drums, lead guitar, bass guitar, or rhythm guitar. Players can also create their own original songs using the DS touchscreen and stylus to lay down…

  • Electronic Arts Zubo Nintendo DS Game

    Players enter the world of Zubalon to help the colorful and zany inhabitants, the Zubos, defeat an evil force which is bent on world domination. Players can befriend the Zubos they meet along the way, feed and nurture them, help them gain skills and strength, and assist them in their battles with…

  • Activision Guitar Hero On Tour Decades Nintendo DS Game

    Guitar Hero On Tour: Decades allows gamers to unleash their inner rockstar anytime, anywhere and for the first time ever share their music with friends as they embark on a tour through the decades of rock. Compatible with the smash hit Guitar Hero: On Tour, the game leverages the technology of its…

  • XSeed Korg DS 10 Synthesizer Nintendo DS Game

    You've used your DS to train your brain, learn another language, and even brush up on your Indian math skills. But now, for something that can make everyone throughout the world smile: music! KORG DS-10 brings a music creation tool opportunity to the DS. This title uses the touch screen and…

  • Disney Hannah Montana The Movie Nintendo DS Game

    Step into the secret dual life of Miley Stewart and Hannah Montana in Hannah Montana The Movie videogame. Journey beyond the movie and for the first time ever perform as Hannah Montana or Miley Stewart! Explore Miley's hometown of Crowley Corners as she rediscovers the world she left…

  • Disney Jonas Nintendo DS Game

    It's not easy being a rock star. Not only do you have to rock out and keep your fans under control, but you also have to juggle school and friends. And you still have to make it home in time for dinner. Players must stay on their toes and steer clear of JONAS-mania in this musical adventure with…

  • Ubisoft Imagine Girl Band Nintendo DS Game

    Create your band by customising the hair, makeup and clothes of the drummer, guitarist, bassist and piano player. Each instrument is backed with its own mini-game and you have to perform well to earn money and increase your popularity points so you can land a record contract and slip up and down…

  • Namco Easy Piano Nintendo DS Game

    Whether you are playing along with different tracks from the game or learning the piano, for the first time on DS players will be able to practice on a real keyboard and be tutored in the correct finger movements and skills required to become a mobile virtuoso. The 8-note piano keyboard peripheral…

  • Atlus Rhapsody A Musical Adventure Nintendo DS Game

    Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure is a musical RPG that has musical numbers, complete with vocals.Players will take on the role of Cornet, who can talk to puppets and has a magical horn that grants wishes. She must save Prince Ferdinand, who has been turned into stone by an evil witch. General…


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