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Motion Computing Tablet

  • Motion Computing J3400 Tablet

    Enjoy the countless exceptional qualities of this Motion Computing tablet. The Motion Computing J3400 comes equipped with a 1.6 GHz dual-core processor, made for running several programs simultaneously. It features a spacious screen at 12.1 inches and has a 120-GB capacity, which allows for…


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What to look for when shopping for a tablet Tablets fall somewhere between a smartphone and a computer, hence why they may be referred to as a tablet computer or tablet PC. These nifty gadgets come packed with the power needed to do a number of basic computing tasks along with a decently-sized display, but borrow from smartphones when it comes to portability and some other unique features like a touchscreen and integrated camera. The field is dominated by the likes of the Apple iPad and Android-powered devices from companies such as Samsung and Lenovo, although other manufacturers are producing great alternatives at competitive prices, so it's worth shopping around.