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Miele Refrigerators 600-700 mm Width

  • Miele K12820SD Refrigerator

    Treat your family with Haier, a leading brand in refrigeration. The Miele K12820SD Refrigerator is all fridge and features a single door. It features 2 crisper drawers. With a 405-litre total volume, you can efficiently organise all of your refrigerated goods. 600 width x 630 depth x 1850 height.

  • Miele KFN12823SDedt-1 Refrigerator

    The Miele KFN12823SDedt-1 Refrigerator has a bottom freezer. With a 338-litre net capacity, any home will enjoy this product. Dimensions: 600 width x 630 depth x 1820 height.

  • Miele K14820SDed Refrigerator

    Experience everything the Miele K14820SDed Refrigerator has to offer. It features a single door and is all fridge. This refrigerator features 2 crisper drawers. Containing 405 litres, it holds plenty of refrigerated food items. Measurements: 600 width x 632 depth x 1850 height.

  • Miele KFN14827SDEed Refrigerator

    The bottom freezer allows for easily accessing all refrigerated compartments. The Miele KFN14827SDEed Refrigerator is built with a large capacity and space-conscious dimensions. Thanks to the 3 star energy rating, you can conserve plenty of electricity. With an ice maker, this Miele fridge will…

  • Miele KFNS37682ID Refrigerator

    The Miele KFNS37682ID is an integrated bottom mount fridge. The new FlexiLight LED glass shelf lighting illuminates the interior of Miele refrigerators with no glare and with a unique luminosity and can also be individually positioned on any shelf level in various ways. Miele…


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What to consider when buying a refrigerator The refrigerator, or the fridge, has become such an important part of our lives that we can't to do without one in every household. In a bid to keep our food fresh for longer, manufacturers like Samsung and LG are racing to bring us the smartest refrigerators with the coolest looks. Cheap bar and mini fridges are slowly fading away from the average home, being replaced by the latest French door or side-by-side refrigerator. Stainless steel finishes gain in popularity as iceboxes and freezers fade away. And fridges get bigger as they get smarter, too, with the largest capacity being a whopping 600L.