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Jimmy Choo Women's Perfume 2-2.9 oz (57-86ml) priced

  • Jimmy Choo 60ml EDT Women's Perfume

    The house of Jimmy Choo presented its first self-titled fragrance in February 2011 (Jimmy Choo Eau de Parfum). Eau de Toilette version of the debut is scheduled for January 2012, announced as “a dazzling aura of glittering femininity". The fragrance is dedicated to strong women full of…

  • Jimmy Choo 60ml EDP Women's Perfume

    The most popular brand of luxury shoes and fashion accessories, Jimmy Choo, launches its first fragrance, simply named Jimmy Choo. Jimmy Choo fragrance, described as feminine yet empowering, with a lot of sensuality to it, was developed in cooperation with Inter Parfums and the famous perfumer…

    $50.37 - $101
  • Jimmy Choo Illicit 60ml EDP Women's Perfume

    Vivacious and sultry, Jimmy Choo's Illicit Eau de Parfum captures the free-spirited, daring modern woman who is not afraid to live life to the fullest. This audacious and hypnotic fragrance is just as desirable as the shoes and handbags for which Jimmy Choo is known. Illicit Eau de Parfum opens…


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Whether you're classy or edgy, prefer the subtle notes of flowers in bloom or the high-spirited fruity scents, there's a fragrance for you. Perfumes even make an excellent gift. The ancient Egyptians began using perfumes and we have continued that to this day. Fragrances can be inspired from anything — from Burberry's trench coat to the scents that capture seasons or a garden. When selecting a perfume, look for the 'notes' — top notes are smells perceived immediately, middle or heart notes mask the initial impression of the base note (which can be unpleasant at first, then become more pleasant) and the base notes, which appear after the top and middle notes have dissipated. Perfumes even come in various dilutions — parfum or extrait, esprit de parfum, eau de parfum, eau de toilette and eau de cologne, in decreasing dilution.