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  • Ideal for your kitchen, bedroom or spare room, the GVA 23.6inch HD LED LCD TV Combo provides you with HD viewing and the convenience of a disc drive built into the set. You’ll enjoy every second of your viewing thanks to the high definition resolution of the GVA 23.6inch HD LED LCD TV Combo.…

The TV has been the centre of the modern family's audio-visual entertainment for generations. The concept of the TV remained the same for several decades of its existence, going from monochrome to colour, and then becoming slimmer, lighter and now even curved, with matching improvements in picture quality. They went from boxes to flat screen TVs, plasmas, LCDs and OLED displays. Today's 'smart' TVs offer high-definition 1080p or 4K (aka UHD) picture quality and provide access to the internet, apps and online streaming video. The big four television makers are Sony, Samsung, LG and Panasonic and with high-end sets now offering excellent colour and contrast ratios, UHD resolutions and HDR support, they still remain the entertainment hub of many a household.

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