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  1. Cli-Mate CLI-DH12 Dehumidifier

    Dehumidification 12 Litres/day Dehumidifying Capacity 0.50 kg/hour Power Consumption 255 watts Air Circulation 100 cbm/hour Capacity of Water Tank 1.9 L Noise Level ? 46dB Net Weight 9.7 kgs Gross Weight 10.6 kgs

  2. Cli-mate CLI-DH8D Dehumidifier

    - The Climate 8L Desiccant Dehumidifier works well both in cold rooms and heated rooms alike. - Eliminate condensation from your bedroom windows and help manage mould growth and its associated health impacts. - This dehumidifier, warms and dries the air at the same time - expelling warm air to increase the drying effect. - The dehumidifier helps remove mould, mildew, and must and odours from spaces like your bedroom, bathroom, laundry, cellar and can even be used to dry your washing. - Have peace of mind, as this unit won't flood when the tank is full. An automatic shut-off stops the operation when the two-liter tank fills to capacity.

  3. Cli-Mate 350ml Per Day Air Dehumidifier High humidity can cause mould, mildew and rot in our homes. The Cli~Mate Air Dehumidification System effectively removes moisture from the air in small spaces. Cli-Mate CLIDH350 Features: Compact design ideal for use in small confined spaces suitable for use in confined spaces - laundry room, bathroom, closet, caravans Dehumidifying capacity 0.35 litres per day (at 30oC / 80oC Relative Humidity) Internal water tank with automatic shut down feature when tank is full Environmentally friendly- compressor and CFC free Blue LED light turns amber to indicate a full water tank. Cli-Mate CLIDH350 Specifications: Dehumidification 0.35 Litres/day (at 30oC/80% Relative Humidity) Capacity of Water Tank 0.65 L Uses only 23W power Net Weight 1.22kgs Product Dimensions 150 x 178 x 178 mm

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  4. Cli-Mate Rechargeable Dehumidifier Features: Prevents mould and mildew Reduces dampness & eliminates odours Ideal for use in small enclosed humid/damp areas such as the wardrobes, draws and pantries. Rechargeable wireless dehumidifier, simply plug into power source when wetness indicator is displayed Wet to Dry Indicator Dimensions: 15cm (W) x 11.7cm (H) x 3.7cm (D)

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  5. Cli-Mate Dehumidifying Egg Features: Innovative ceramic design, the Cli-Mate Egg is the slickest looking mould marauder on the market! Prevents mould and mildew Reduces dampness Eliminates odours Re-usable Non-Toxic Odourless Ideal for use in the bathroom, wardrobe, kitchen pantry and laundry Colour indicator from blue to pink to indicate Egg is full of moisture When Egg is full of moisture, just place it in your microwave for 10 minutes on medium heat and it is ready to be reused! Absorbs about 50cc of moisture each time after recharging Dimensions (mm): 135(W) x 115(W) x 115(D) Includes Egg and Instructions

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  6. Dehumidification & ionization functionDehumidifying capacity 8 Litres per dayAutomatic or manual control3 humidity settingsOn/Off timer with time delay optionAuto Restart FunctionPre-filter removes dustEliminates larger floating pollutants particlesRemovable 2 litre water tankAuto off switchOptional permanent drainageAbsorption technologyPrevents mould, mildew and rotReduces dampness & eliminates odoursDehumidification: 8 Litres/dayDehumidifying Capacity: 0.33 kg/hour

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