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Digital SLR Cameras Canon digital SLR cameras continue to advance picture quality to greater heights. Combining decades of camera expertise with leading-edge digital technology, Canon develops such key technologies as interchangeable lenses, image sensors, and image processors. Compact Digital Cameras Canon makes every effort to equip its digital cameras with the latest imaging technology. Canon digital cameras combine a DIGIC imaging processor that brings together decades of camera expertise, face detection technology, and an optical image stabilizer, in a stylish, sophisticated package that fits nicely in the hand. Lenses A leader in optical technology, Canon continues to improve the image quality and operability of its interchangeable lenses by incorporating various advanced technologies, including large-aperture aspherical lenses, IS (Image Stabilizer) lenses, and DO (multilayered Diffractive Optical element) lenses. Digital Video Camcorders Canon digital video camcorders are used for everything from recording family events to professional film production. Canon's superb high-resolution HD lens, Full HD CMOS sensor, and DIGIC DV II image processor support high-definition video recording. Inkjet Printers Supported by the core technology FINE, Canon inkjet printers deliver exceptionally high-quality, fast output. Convenient all-inone printers, which combine such features as copying, scanning, and faxing, have become an essential part of the home. Contact Canon Australia Cameras - 1800 021 167 Bubble Jet Printers and Consumables - 1800 021 167 Video Cameras - 1800 021 167 Scanners - 1800 021 167 Small Office Machines - 1800 021 167 LCD Projectors - 1800 021 167 Binoculars - 1800 021 167 Business Photocopiers/Printers - 1800 334 346 Business Facsimiles/Scanners - 1800 334 346 Network Multifunction Devices - 1800 334 346 Consulting & Solutions - 1800 334 346 Micrographics - 1800 334 346