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BeefEater BBQ Grills Natural Gas

  • BeefEater 3000SS BS12840S BBQ Grill

    Beefeater 3000SS BS12840S BBQ Grill has 4 Burners, Signature (SS) Series, Height with hood open 715mm, Stainless steel plates grills and burners, Stainless steel cooktops, Fully welded stainless steel BBQ frame, Warming rack and cookbook included, Stainless steel…

  • Beefeater 3000S BS12850 BBQ Grill

    Beefeater 3000S BS12850 BBQ Grill has Integrated convection roasting hood, Vaporizer grid and reflector system with anti-flare technology, Durable rust resistant cast iron cooktop, Integrated convection roasting hood, Burner power 19, Total burner power 90000, Total burner power 95. These are not…

  • Beefeater Discovery 1100s BD16340 BBQ Grill

    Beefeater Discovery 1100s 4 Burner Built In BBQ, Knock yourself out with not only great performance, but looks to match with this 4 burner beauty. Featuring a solid stainless steel BBQ frame with stainless steel roasting hood and easy clean porcelain enamel cooktops, you’re ready to…

  • Beefeater Bugg BB722BA BBQ Grill

    Beefeater Bugg Takes gourmet cooking anywhere, anytime with the outstanding BUGG. Compact in size but big on technology and engineering, BUGG is the versatile barbecue thats perfect for all occasions. Cook with the hood up, for crispier and tastier grilling. Or pull the hood down for slow…

  • Beefeater BS19242 BBQ Grill

    Arm yourself with one of these babies and you’re out to impress the crowd. With a large cooking area and total power of 91,904 BTU or 97mj/hr at your disposal, you’re set with hungry mouths to feed. Fire it up and cook up a storm.

  • Beefeater 1100e BD16252 BBQ Grill

    Beefeater Discovery 1100e 5 Burner Built In BBQ, Why not add a little luxury to your home with this beautiful, solid, and robust BeefEater that comes with a porcelain enamel BBQ frame, roasting hood with viewing window, and rust free cooktops. This 5 burner packs a punch and is…

  • Beefeater 3000SS BS12850S BBQ Grill

    Beefeater 3000SS BS12850S BBQ Grill has Integrated Quartz Start Ignition, Vaporizer Grid & Reflector System with Anti-Flare technology, Integrated Convection Roasting Hood, Durable Rust Resistant Stainless Steel Cooktop. Made from high quality 304 solid stainless steel…

  • Beefeater Signature 3000E BS19252 BBQ Grill

    Signature Carts And Trolleys. Integrated Convection Roasting Hood. Vaporizer Grid & Reflector System With Anti-Flare Technology. Durable Rust Resistant Cast Iron Cooktop. Experience cooking perfection in stainless steel. The roasting hood also includes an on-board…

  • BeefEater 3000E BS19952 BBQ Grill

    BeefEater 3000E BS19952 BBQ Grill Integrated quartz start ignition, Integrated convection roasting hood, Vaporizer grid and reflector system with anti flare technology, Durable rust resistant cast iron cooktop. Built-in brilliance means you’re the boss at home.…

  • Beefeater Discovery 1100e BD16242 BBQ Grill

    The BeefEater Discovery 1100e is the ultimate outdoor kitchen and it is purpose built for those times you really do need everything, including the kitchen sink. It has a 4 burner barbecue and two cabinets made from quality porcelain enamel steel, this one’s sure to…

  • BeefEater 3000E BS19942 BBQ Grill

    BeefEater 3000E BS19942 BBQ Grill has Integrated convection roasting hood, Durable rust resistant cast iron cooktop, Integrated quartz start ignition,  Large removable warming rack, Vaporizer grid and reflector system with anti flare technology. The Beefeater 4…

  • Beefeater Signature BS30060 BBQ Grill

    Beefeater BBQ in its ultimate flagship version. Truly a connoisseurs barbecue, this is nothing less than the very best money can buy. With the flexibility of 5 high performance burners and integrated side wok burner delivering a massive total power of 123,904 BTU, this is one very serious…

  • Beefeater 3000s BS12350 BBQ Grill

    Beefeater Signature 3000s Flame Failure 5 Burner Built In, These are designed to be put on show and built to last. Equipped with rust free porcelain enamel cooktops, BBQ frame, roasting hood and our flame failure safety feature, mean you’re really serious about delivering a premium outdoor…

  • Beefeater Signature BS19350 BBQ Grill

    BeefEater Signature 3000s is really one to get the heart pumpin. With a stainless steel barbecue frame, heaps of available cooking space with total power of 109,904 BTU, you can not get much bigger or more powerful than this. Go ahead and feed the masses. BeefEater BBQs are built on…

  • Beefeater Signature BS19650 BBQ Grill

    Signature Carts And Trolleys.Powerful Side Burner.Integrated Quartz Start Ignition.Integrated Convection Roasting Hood.Vaporizer Grid & Reflector System With Anti-Flare Technology.Durable Rust Resistant Cast Iron Cooktop.Experience cooking perfection in stainless steel. The roasting hood also…

  • Beefeater Discovery 1100s BD47950 BBQ Grill

    This striking number is pure barbecue pleasure. It is made of quality stainless steel, so it is built to last. Featuring 5 burners it cooks like a dream, whether the cook up job is big or small. Let your guests sit back and relax on the deck, while you effortlessly throw something tasty…

  • Beefeater Signature BS19750 BBQ Grill

    stainless steel BBQ frame.4 burner.stainless steel roasting hood.rust free porcelain enamel cooktops.stainless steel pedestal and cabinet trolley.Full length water resistant protective cover.side/wok burner.

  • Beefeater 79542 BBQ Grill

    Features Check this wonder out! Pure and simple. This is BeefEater’s ultimate outdoor kitchen and it’s purpose built for those times you really do need everything, including the kitchen sink. Featuring a 4 burner barbecue and two cabinets made from quality porcelain enamel steel, this…


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