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  • Zebra LI4278 Barcode Scanner

    The LI4278 takes 1D bar code scanning to the next level, allowing workers to scan faster and farther as they can capture virtually any 1D bar code. Built for all day and everyday use, the LI4278 offers cordless freedom with Bluetooth compatibility. It also offers better encryption for improved…

    $324.5 - $449
  • Datalogic Powerscan M8300 Barcode Scanners

    PRODUCT : PowerScan M8300 - 433MHz READING OPTIONS: LIGHT SOURCE: Visible Laser Diode (VLD) 630-680 nm SCAN RATE: 35 + -5 scans sec SCAN ANGLE : 42 deg MAX RES: 0.076 mm 3 mil PRINT CONTRAST RATIO: 15% (min) READING ANGLE : Skew: + -60 deg; Pitch: 5-55 deg, -5 to -55 deg Tilt: + -20 deg BAR…

    $979 - $2612.5
  • Cino F560 Barcode Scanner

    The CINO F-560 series Linear Imager is a low cost linear Imager scanner which was designed to replace traditional low cost Contact Scanners. The scanner is a very good and aggressive scanner which can read near contact to about 25 cm at the same cost as the old contact scanner. 1D Handheld Linear…

    $109 - $123.2
  • Datalogic Magellan 1100i Barcode Scanner

    The Magellan 1100i scanner provides unique features including the patented Green Spot good read indicator, Illumix intelligent illumination technology for reading bar codes from backlit or illuminated displays, and true 360 degree targeted scanning for close proximity bar codes. Differentiate your…

    $349.98 - $418
  • Datalogic QD2430 Barcode Scanner

    The QuickScan QD2400 2D imager provides a perfect combination of performance focused on bar code reading snappiness and motion tolerance. The QuickScan QD2400 2D imager also offers a new design and perfect ergonomics at an attractive price, making the QD2400 imager the ideal solution for customers…

    $159.95 - $249
  • Metrologic Orbit Omni MS7120 Barcode Scanner

    SYSTEM INTERFACE : USB DEPTH OF SCAN FIELD:(prog) 0 mm - 215mm(0-8.5) for 0.33 mm(13 mil) bar code WIDTH OF SCAN FIELD: 60 mm (2.4) @ face; 105 mm (4.1) @ 216 mm (8.5) SCAN SPEED : 1120 scan lines per second SCAN PATTERN 5 fields of 4 parallel lines (omnidirectional) NUMBER OF SCAN LINES…

    $259 - $338.8
  • Datalogic QD2131 Barcode Scanner

    The QuickScan reader series is Datalogic ADC's value line of general purpose handheld data collection products. The QuickScan I QD2100 linear imaging reader is an entry level product that is perfect for use in retail and office environments plus activities associated with couriers and postal…

    $79.31 - $113.3
  • Honeywell Voyager 1400G Barcode Scanner

    Voyager 1400G Scanner USB Kit includes: Omni-directional 1D PDF417 2D (limited) black scanner Rigid presentation stand (STND- 19R02002-4) USB Type A 1.5m straight cable (CBL-500-150-S00) 2D barcodes are becoming increasingly popular across a wide range of industries for a number of reasons. Some…

  • Cino F760 Barcode Scanner

    The all new FuzzyScan FBC-760 series Long Range Linear Imager has set up a new standard as the best cost-performance solution for aim and shoot data capture applications. Equipped with the innovative DynaTrack (patent pending) system , the F760 automatically capture the best possible bar code image…

  • Wasp Wacom WCS3900 Barcode Scanner

    The Wasp WCS3900 barcode scanner series are the most popular CCD barcode scanning devices in the Wasp product line. Manufactured for durability yet employing an exclusive ergonomic design for comfort, the WCS3900 and WCS3905 barcode scanners are the best in their class. For fast connection, the…

  • HP BW868AA Barcode Scanner

    Decodes most common1D and 2D barcodes; camera mode imager captures labels or signatures for enhanced data collection.Enhanced motion tolerance and technology allow quick reading of barcodes from mobile devices.Scanner is able to read poorly printed or damaged barcodes successfully for quicker…

  • Datalogic Magellan 3200VSi Barcode Scanner

    The Magellan 3200VSi imaging based scanner provides exceptional performance on hard-to-read bar codes and allows both sweep and presentation scanning styles. The Magellan 3200VSi scanners solid-state design increases reliability by not requiring laser modules or spinning motors. Upgrading software…

    $510.98 - $750.2
  • Symbol LS2208 Barcode Scanners

    The Symbol LS2208 handheld scanner delivers performance features at an affordable price to make your buying decision easier than ever. If you're seeking investment protection in a scanner that's small and light enough for maximum productivity, then the LS 2208 is the ideal scanner for…

    $99.95 - $230.01
  • Zebra LS2208 Barcode Scanner

    Zebra LS2208 Barcode Scanner The LS2208 is engineered for continuous, heavy usage all day, every day and has been tested to withstand multiple drops to concrete. The patented single board construction eliminates a common point of failure the interconnection between multiple boards and the…

    $96.8 - $99.95
  • Honeywell Xenon 1900 Barcode Scanner

    Xenon 1900 Area-Imaging Scanner Features and Benefits Custom sensor optimized for bar code scanning improves scanning aggressiveness and protects investment by providing supply chain stability Three focal options (high density, standard range and extended range) provide application-specific…

    $249.95 - $411.12

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