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Barazza Ovens

  • Barazza 1FFYPI Oven

    Its electric oven. Safety devices of oven safety door lock, electronic child safety lock Stainless steel handle its range 60 litres its gross 65 litres easy clean oven lining, extractable and removable door with triple and heat and reflecting glass equipment tangential cooling fan, side racks,…

  • Barazza 1FVCFY Oven

    Its electric oven. 20 automatic cooking programs Touch Control digital programmer Safety devices electronic child safety lock Stainless steel handle its range 32 litres and its gross 35 litres. stainless steel oven lining, door with triple and heat and reflecting glass. its…


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What to consider when shopping for the perfect oven Considering how much of a central role ovens play in the modern kitchen, you’ll want to make sure you’ve picked the right one for the job. They come in a variety of sizes and specialities, and can use either gas or electricity to power them. Things like pizza ovens and steam ovens are a nice luxury if you’ve already got your basics covered, but you really shouldn’t be looking at those until you’ve already got a capable regular oven and microwave. Most regular ovens, either gas or electric, will come with a main cavity as well as a grilling door, or sometimes even a double compartment for preparing multiple meals at once. Typically you should go for some of the more trusted brands, like Bosch, Ilve or AEG, as you’ll be wanting this kind of component to last you longer than your average appliance, and the money spent on a premium brand is saved down the line when you don’t have to replace or repair it.