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Sound Cards 5.1 Surround

  • Creative Sound Blaster Omni Sound Card

    Sound blaster omni surround 5.1 delivers cinematic audio immersion to your PC or Mac through a simple USB port. Powered by SBX Pro Studio technology, the external sound card instantly converts your PC or Mac into a 5.1 entertainment system with amazing positional audio and additional customizable…

    $129.95 - $142
  • Creative Sound Blaster Audigy FX Sound Card

    Sound Blaster Audigy Fx is the perfect upgrade from basic motherboard audio to legendary Sound Blaster audio. Powered by SBX Pro Studio technology, it provides high-quality 5.1 cinematic sound for your movies, music and games. It comes with the Sound Blaster Audigy Fx Control Panel, which puts you…

    $59.95 - $65
  • Creative Sound Blaster X7 Sound Card

    The Sound Blaster X7 is the ultimate upgrade for pro-gamers and audio enthusiasts. This packed is ultra high resolution audio device acts as an external USB DAC and a powerful audio amplifier with low latency bluetooth connectivity and dolby digital decoder. The Sound Blaster X7 incorporates…

  • Creative Sound Blaster ZxR Sound Card

    The flagship of the ultra high-performance Sound Blaster Z-Series of sound cards, Sound Blaster ZxR elevates the standards of technology and performance for the future of PC gaming and entertainment. Boasting an unbeatable SNR of 124dB, it includes a DBPro daughter board and Audio Control Module…


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