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Kitchen Hoods 200 CFM priced

  • AEG DDE5980G Kitchen Hood

    AEG DDE5980G Kitchen Hood, This efficient cooker hood is hidden away in the worktop until you need it. Push a button to raise it from the worktop and activate it when you're cooking. When your cooking complete, simply slide it down to leave a clean and spacious worktop. The sleeky designed AEG…

  • AEG DBE5960HG Kitchen Hood

    AEG DBE5960HG this beautifully designed extractor hood is powered by an energy efficient motor and is mounted against the wall. It effectively reduces the kitchen air, while contributing to the appearance and atmosphere of the room. With its rectangular shape, this vertical hood will add…

  • AEG DTB5960HM Kitchen Hood

    AEG DTB5960HM the chimney hood driven by an energy efficient motor is mounted on the wall. It reduces kitchen odors efficiently and provides more space. Air recirculation is the setting of the hood when air is not taken out of the room. The air is stripped of greasy vapor or odor and…

  • AEG DBB5660HM Kitchen Hood

    AEG DBB5660HM hood powered by an energy efficient motor, this well designed chimney hood is installed against the wall, effectively reduces kitchen odours while adding to the look and feel of the space itself. A ducting kit is attached to the hood to extract the cooking vapours externally,…

  • AEG DTB5660HM Kitchen Hood

    AEG DTB5660HM this energy saving engine driven hood extractor, thanks to its perfect design, effectively reduces kitchen odors and highlights the style and ambiance of a particular room. This cooker hood combines stainless steel and glass to create a unique, chic and professional look that…

  • Westinghouse WRH605IS Kitchen Hood

    A stainless steel, slide-out rangehood with 1 fan, 3 speeds and 600mm in width. With no switches to make cleaning easy, the light & fan speed is automatically operated by simply sliding the front trim forward. Designed for integration, the front trim can be installed flush with the…


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